Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Managerial Difference: An Excerpt from "Chuck" vs.the Business World

Managers must lead by example. Consider the brief excerpt from "Chuck" vs. the Business World: Business Tips on TV by Ray Keating:

It’s hard to imagine two managers more different than Big Mike and General Beckman.
For example, Beckman stands willing to make the tough call or seize control of the situation when necessary. In contrast, Big Mike’s gut tells him to avoid tough situations and hide in his office. 
And while both Beckman and Big Mike recognize the need for their employees to succeed, Beckman sees that the growth of her employees will build the organization and help to meet the firm’s mission. Big Mike only sees his own benefits. For example, Beckman compliments Chuck for his tactical thinking that advances the mission, while Big Mike gives a thumbs up to Lester for having the managers-only doughnuts ready, while the store is without workers. 
In the end, Big Mike misses the fundamental point that managers lead by example. In his actions and declarations, Big Mike makes clear that he does not care about his job or the Buy More; is uninterested in hard work; and has no eye for detail in terms of what’s going on in his store. 
That being the case, should he expect anything more from his employees? Of course not. As Lester says, Big Mike serves as an inspiration to all slackers.

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