Friday, September 30, 2011

Warren Buffett: Favorite Rich Guy for Obama and CNBC

I generally enjoy watching CNBC for business news. But it's rather silly how deeply the network bows before Warren Buffett. Of course, given his declarations over hiking taxes on upper-income earners, President Obama loves Mr. Buffett as well.

Check out my take on the so-called "Buffett Rule" regarding taxes at

For good measure, Amity Shlaes compared the "Buffett Rule" to the "Mellon Rule" at

Bankers and TV

Are there any good bankers? Not according to television.

See some quick observations at

The Simpsons and Immigration

The Simpsons on immigration policy and our economy?

Yes, see an excellent Forbes piece at

Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Book Finds Business and Career Tips in “Chuck” TV Show

Can the television show “Chuck” offer insights for work and business?

“Chuck” vs. the Business World: Business Tips on TV by Ray Keating finds career advice, and lessons on business management in the hit television show “Chuck.”

In this fun, valuable and unexpected book, Keating shows that TV spies and nerds can provide insights and guidelines on managing workers, customer relations, leadership, trust and work, interviews, technology, hiring and firing people, and balancing work and personal life.

Larry Kudlow, host of CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report,” says, “Ray Keating has taken the very funny television series ‘Chuck,’ and derived some valuable lessons and insights for your career and business.”

John Kominicki, publisher of Long Island Business News, adds, “Where most of us see a comic spy drama, Keating sees the opportunity for a Wharton-quality tutorial on business. He’s not just outside the box, he’s outside the cardboard.”

Keating said, “If you love ‘Chuck’ on TV, you’ll love reading ‘Chuck’ vs. the Business World. And even if you don’t watch ‘Chuck,’ the book lays out clear examples and lessons from which businesses, managers and employees can reap rewards.”

“Chuck” vs. the Business World: Business Tips on TV can be purchased from

Review copies, interviews for the media, and author appearances are available upon request. This is the first book in the “Business Tips on TV” series.

Ray Keating is chief economist for the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council; a weekly columnist with Dolan Media Company (including Long Island Business News and Colorado Springs Business Journal); a former Newsday weekly columnist; and an adjunct professor in the MBA program at the Townsend School of Business at Dowling College. His work has appeared in a wide range of additional periodicals, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, New York Post, and The Washington Times. Keating also is a novelist, penning Warrior Monk: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel (2010).

Contact: Ray Keating
Phone: 631-909-1122